PCMD, Inc. Portland Computer Repair – Backing up your data *update*

In our last blog we talked about backing up your important data. I stressed the importance of having both offsite AND onsite backup if you consider your data to be very valuable . Well it appears that Mozy want’s to help Mozy Pro (sorry home, it looks like your left out – at least for now) users out with their onsite backup as well! I received the following e-mail from Mozy today:

MozyPro 2.0 for Windows is Here!

Now you have one more reason to offer MozyPro to your valued business customers: MozyPro 2.0 for Windows. It’s loaded with great new features and a simplified look and feel you’ll both appreciate.

With MozyPro 2.0, your customers can expect faster upload speeds and decreased bandwidth usage, new convenience and access features, and Mozy 2xProtectâ„¢ – a new feature which allows MozyPro users to back up to a local external drive in addition to Mozy’s online data centers at no additional cost. Now your customers can be double protected!

Learn more about 2xProtect for Business or visit our blog to see all the new benefits of MozyPro 2.0.

Be safe,
The Mozy Reseller Team

I haven’t tried 2.0 yet for onsite backup, but if it works as smoothly as previous versions for offsite backup – sign me up.