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Who knew computer repair could be fun? A friend recommneded James to me several years ago and he has become the go-to guy for our business computer issues. He is not only technically intuitive, it seems to be hard-wired into him to diagnose probelms and fix them very quickly. Beyond that, he is fun to have around, great sense of humor, clearly he loves his work and it shows. We love him back. I have recommneded him to other larger businesses and I know everyone is equally happy with him!


James was such a great help! Very polite and professional and really went out of his way to not only get the job done but explain everything to me as well. (I tend to be a bit baffled when it comes to computers!) I would definitely recommend him to anyone. His prices are fair–he is very upfront and honest, quick and reliable and provides EXCELLENT service. What more can you ask for?


James is unique in that he has the technical, relational and communication skills required to be successful in this business. He completed the work we needed on time and on budget. He was very prompt and available when we had questions later. He backs up his work and is very pleasant to deal with. I rate him as one of the best I have worked with and I’ve been in the hardware/software business for over 30 years.


We had used AOL for ten years before James finally convinced us to make the switch to Verizon’s FIOS. My husband has been a substitute teacher now for 58+ years and we now no longer have to worry about missing phone calls for jobs as a result of being online using AOL.

James also setup two new e-mail accounts and showed us how to easily check our e-mail & browse the web. We’ve never used anything other than AOL so I was somewhat about the learning curve, but James went over things several times to make sure we understood how to access everything quick & easily


I’m extremely pleased with the work that James has done. He first assisted me with setting up an external hard drive and backup software to safeguard my pictures & documents, etc. He also cleaned up my desktop, installed some amazing virus protection software, and set my computer up for remote access which allows him to fix problems with my computer without having to come out to my home! He is not only helpful but extremely easy to talk to. Plus he showed me in a clear, simple way, how to better manage my computer to keep it functioning well. I’ll never go anywhere else.


PCMD Very competent and professional! Between home, art studio and art gallery, James has been a lifesaver. Living in Cannon Beach, working on our computers by remote had worked perfectly for us. However, when things have really gone awry, James has been on our doorstep early the next morning after a midnight call! James is very polite and with his engaging personality is able to actually make the experience enjoyable. I would highly recommend him to any home or business